• Dance With a Friend: Eleven Dances from the Canadian Prairies
    dances devised by Ferne Katzberg, our teacher in Yorkton, and published in 1990
    This publication is available through TACBooks.

  • 75th Anniversary Dances
    dances devised by members of the Saskatchewan Branch and published, in 1998, for the 75th anniversary of the RSCDS
    The publication is available through TACBooks

  • Saskatchewan's Centennial Collection
    dances devised, by members (and a former member) of the Saskatchewan Branch, in recognition of Saskatchewan's centennial year - 2005
    As, unfortunately, this publication is out of print, pages of the book have been provided.

  • Let's Dance - A History of Scottish Country Dancing in Saskatchewan
    The impetus for this book arose from an awareness that information about this history was somewhat limited and in danger of erosion with further elapsing of time as well as from the fact that one of the dance groups in Saskatchewan celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2004. This aspect of Scottish (and provincial) culture was relevant to the province's centennial celebration in 2005.
    The publication is available through TACBooks

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