Ceilidh dances

ceilidh is the Gaelic word for "visit" – Pronounced kay’ lee

In the Scottish communities, what we now often call ceilidh dances were originally simply local gatherings. Events like these can still be found. These days, however, you are more likely to encounter a ceilidh as part of the reception at a Scottish or, more commonly, an ex-patriate Scottish wedding. They feature Scottish music and dance and, usually, there will be a caller.

Ceilidh dances are couple dances with each couple dancing with each of the other couples in a set or a circle. A set usually consists of four couples. Each couple interacts with each other couple to dance a series of formations. A circle has any number of couples dancing around the room. Some circle dances are more sociable, with the lady moving to the next gentleman in the circle.

If you can walk you can dance! (Actually, even folks in wheelchairs can participate.)

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