Fàilte – Welcome

The Saskatchewan Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society was established in 1978 as the Regina Branch.  In 1992, it was renamed the Saskatchewan Branch to include dancers in other communities in the province; Moose Jaw, Saskatoon and Yorkton.

Won’t you Join the Dance?
Scottish country dancing is the social dancing of Scotland.
No prior dance experience is necessary and partners are not required.
Five simple steps suffice for almost all dances.
The dress is informal.

You don’t have to be Scottish!
We are people from all cultures and of all ages, who enjoy the music, the dancing and the friendship.

The Branch logo, designed by Eva Gillard, depicts a dancing couple surrounded by a belt and buckle inscribed with the name of the Society and the abbreviation of the name of the Province.  It is flanked, on the left, by a sheaf of wheat (a traditional symbol of Saskatchewan) and, on the right, by a thistle (a traditional symbol of Scotland). The crown, at the top, is the “ghillie crown” ( a traditional symbol of the Society, ghillies – dance slippers – forming a crown).  The crown is flanked, on the left , by the Maple Leaf flag of Canada and, on the right, by the Saltire (St. Andrew’s Cross) flag of Scotland.

For more information about Scottish country dancing in Saskatchewan, contact us by e-mail at info@rscdssask.org.