Performance Requirements

The Saskatoon Scottish Country Dancers is a social club, not a performance company.  We dance in public because we enjoy dancing, we believe the audience enjoys watching and we wish to make the public aware of our form of dance, whether they join us or just know about us.  Scottish country dancing is usually done in groups of four (4) couples.

Although we are not a performance company, we strive to provide a professional performance of from ten (10) to thirty (30) minutes with no costume changes. We will prepare a programme appropriate for the audience and the venue. We will arrive, at least, thirty (30) minutes before the scheduled performance to ensure that all is ready.  We will provide the recording of the music for the presentation as well as information, for the MC, regarding Scottish country dancing in general, the Saskatoon group and each of the dances in our programme, as required.  We will cooperate with the Stage Manager, to as great an extent as possible, to ensure the entire show, including our performance, is successful.  In return we ask for the following considerations to ensure the comfort and safety of our dancers and the maximum enjoyment of the audience.

Advance Notice
As a social club, we meet weekly from September until May.  Therefore we require that we receive requests for performances at least one month in advance in order to prepare an appropriate programme.  Also, we are available usually only for weekend or, occasionally, evening performances during the club season.

Dressing Room and “Green Room”
Although we usually come dressed for the performance, a suitably private and secured space, for four or five women and an equal number of men to make final preparations and store street clothes, purses etc., is necessary.
In addition, an off-stage space away from the audience, in which to prepare for the performance, will be greatly appreciated.

The stage must be a non-slip surface without cracks, joints, holes or splinters.  A professional “sprung” dance floor is best, especially for longer performances.  A portable non-slip surface may be rented from Dance Alive Studio.  Scottish country dancing is ballroom dancing.  Therefore, the best presentation will be possible in a space at least five (5) metres wide by five (5) metres deepA smaller area may restrict some aspects of our performance.

Sound System
We can provide a small portable player that we can operate ourselves. However, it is suitable only for small spaces.  Our music is all on compact discs and in MP3 format.  For larger spaces and outdoor venues, we prefer to have a sound system, with monitor speakers, operated by a competent technician.  If you wish to have us introduce the dances etc., we will need a microphone.

No payment is required
for our performance.  An honorarium will be accepted gratefully and graciously. Honoraria are used to further the objectives of the organization.  Note that we are happy to perform in care homes and similar venues, without an honorarium. When determining the amount of the honorarium, please, consider the time invested, by the performers, in rehearsal, travel and preparation. Our dancers receive no individual remuneration for their participation.  As well, it should be noted that, although our instructors are rigorously trained, at considerable expense, outside the province, they volunteer their time and talents to produce each performance.

Out-of-town performances do require reimbursement for travel expenses at the rate of 55¢ per kilometre for each of two vehicles.
Finally, a card or letter acknowledging our participation in your event will be greatly appreciated and help with our grant applications etc.