Making a return visit to our workshop, after too-long an absence,
Irene Townshend (Edmonton Caledonian Branch) will lead the All Level class.

Born and brought up in Barrhead, Scotland, Irene started dancing at the age of seven. Following a hiatus, she resumed dancing in her teens due to the encouragement of her mother. When emigrating to Canada in 1978 she continued with the dancing, eventually taking her certificate in 1998.
Irene has been teaching for approximately twenty-five years. During this time, she has taught a number of workshops in Canada and USA. She has such a love for Scottish country dancing, and the music that accompanies it, that she teaches at three clubs; RSCDS Edmonton Caledonian, Edmonton Scottish Society (Ellerslie) and Red Deer Scottish Dance Group. She has taught a variety of classes covering basic, intermediate and advanced and lately has taken on the Caledonian Children’s class. Recently she has also helped out with the Caledonian Youth class. When not dancing, Irene is busy running the TAC (Teachers Association of Canada) bookstore, her own business and taking the time out for her weekly swim.
As a teacher, it is a thrill for her to know that the knowledge she imparts is enjoyed by all. Learning dances and practicing the basics should be fun! She feels the music, the dance, social interaction, meeting of old and new friends, just sums up Scottish Country Dancing.
Irene is looking forward to teaching our workshop and thanks the Saskatoon club for inviting her back to Saskatchewan.